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We’re Gone!!!

Posted by scoobysnacks on November 19, 2008

attention shoppers!

visit us at our new location!…

excuse the dust while we shiny up for you 😛


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We’re moving!

Posted by scoobysnacks on November 17, 2008

everybody pack your bags and update your bookmarks! will not be around much longer.
thats because i’ve purchased 🙂

see you on the other side!

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FTP woes

Posted by scoobysnacks on November 16, 2008

as it turns out, i have no idea how to use an FTP client. now before i decide on purchasing a domain to dedicate for blogging, i figured i should test out WordPress v2.6.3 on a subdomain first. so i made a subdomain through my unnamed websites Admin CP, set up a MySQL database, an FTP account and then downloaded and ran FileZilla as suggested by But this step, How to Upload Files and Folders, seems to be outdated as their screenshot doesn’t look like the current version of FileZilla that i’m using. hmmm….

well my host is, so if anyone knows how to upload the contents of the file to, then please drop me a line. i’ve already changed the necessary details of the wp-config.php file, so all i need to know is how to get FileZilla to move the WordPress files over to my webspace.

i was pretty excited about getting this all set up to get the blog rolling, but it looks like this FTP stuff is a little bit outside my realm of knowledge. i’m sure i’ll figure it out, but it looks like its going to take more time than anticipated. so if anyone out there is following this episode, then stay tuned, we’ll be back shortly after these commerical messages…

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freakin cyber squatters

Posted by scoobysnacks on November 15, 2008

i been domain hunting for the last couple nights. just thought i’d go check on the availability of random domain names to set up a proper blog. the amount of taken domains with the word “blog” in it is ridiculous. and they’re not even being used. i guess when the blog boom hit, somebody bought them all up thinking they’d get rich selling them to the people who really wanted them. fail. nobodys gonna pay 100x the retail value for a domain. they’ll just think of something else. but the problem is, i’ve thought up of tons of potential domains for my blog, and at least 80% of them were just being sat on. now i only have a handful of domains that i might end up using. but none are ones that i really would like. blargh.

anyways, when i started this blogging quest, it hit me that i shall begin the ScoobySnacks empire! :w00t:
of course i figure Warner Brothers must already have it.
but no they dont!… instead, its just some freaking Google portal.

lame <_<

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An open letter to John Chow

Posted by scoobysnacks on November 14, 2008

so i went over to John Chow dot com and clicked his contact button thinking i could send him an email. instead he had a message form, so in it i pasted a letter i had already written with the intent of asking him a few questions. much to my dismay, though i soon realized its a good deterrent to newbie fanboys like me, i got an error returned saying that the message limit is 1000 characters. so checked the length of my message and it turns out its over 800 words long. LOL, so much for a quick introduction.

anyways, i shall post the letter here and send the link to Mr. Chow in the hopes that he will one day reply. i know hes a busy man, but with a little luck, maybe he’ll stop by here for a quick minute to say hello. and if he comes by within a week, i shall call this a major success in my newly found world of blogging!

and now on to the show…


Hey John!

So how do I get started?!

Yes, I know thats a very vague question (sorry!), but I really have no idea what I’m doing here. Recently I’ve been looking into how to make some extra money, and since I spend most of my free time on the internet anyways, then why not try to do it online? Read the rest of this entry »

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Welcome to the Mystery Machine!

Posted by scoobysnacks on November 14, 2008

my very first blog! w00t!
now… what should i blog about? :hmmm:
doh, i’m more of a forum person. i wonder if i can embed smilies here.
oooh this is exciting. i wonder if i can get random people to read this.

hey! if you’re a random person, leave a coment! 😀

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